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Thumbs up
This product is a must have for any target hobbyist, one who is visually challenged, (i.e. you have to wear corrective glasses) and or one who likes to hunt at night. During daylight hours, the combinations of the optics and the camera will increase the size of your target by approximately 300 percent. At night, even in near total darkness one can clearly see and make out the target. Therefore, you can not miss with this add-on.
No Parallax
I really like this product. It takes shooting to another level. One of the first things I noticed was the elimination of the parallax effect; i.e. the difference between the angle that the scope centers on and the angle sighted. This improved my accuracy and quite frankly, just made shooting a lot of fun. I also like the universal set-up. It's easy to swap it between my rifles. Snap and go, no adjustments needed. I am looking forward to trying their night vision model.
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