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Digital Crosshairs is a IR night vision scope attachment product developed and assembled by a start-up in Stone Mountain, Georgia by Digital FOV, LLC.  We also market a very powerful IR Illuminator tactical flashlight.

Our founder has 20 years of combined information technology, digital video security, wireless technology and electronics experience.  He is also an outdoors man who enjoys hunting and fishing.  Thus Digital Crosshairs.

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This patent pending product was designed to provide an easy to attach video display and night vision capability to existing rifle scopes.  The concept of attaching a video camera to a rifle scope has been around for many years and is not unique.  The technology for building a commercial product that is light weight, small, and provides a high quality day/night image is now available due to the digital video age we are living in.  Also, light weight super batteries made today provide the long running light weight 12 volt power requirement that is needed. 

Don’t be fooled by our price, Digital Crosshairs uses CCD video board cameras technology like much more expensive products including Pulsar DigiSight N750 and DigieScope 4-12 x 44 Riflescope.  We bring you high definitions quality imaging with our new Digital Crosshairs Night Vision rifle scope converters.   In addition, our units are modular, meaning you can purchase an updated video module and just plug it in to your existing system. Your investment is protected as the technology gets better.   This is important because this digital night vision technology is getting better by magnitudes every 6 months.

You can easily attach or detach our product to many scopes which enables you to use Digital Crosshairs night vision products with more of your collection of rifles, with no need to re-sight your weapon.

Digital Crosshairs is an add-on to your existing scope’s capabilities like the Armasight CO-LR-3 Alpha mg Night Vision Long Range Clip-On System which attaches to your rail system in front of your scope.  However we are small, lightweight, and provide a rail mountable LCD for viewing, and video output for recording or wireless transmission of your scope's field of view.

Digital Crosshairs goal is to be a great night vision enhancement to the scope you already have.

Optical devises have used an eye piece for viewing for centuries but today we are changing that.  Why peek through a small eye piece when you can view objects on gun scopes on a digital display device like a small monitor.  The maturity of an industry or device is measured by the state of it''s user interface. 

Our goal is to provide a high quality product at an affordable price.  We want to put this technology in the hands of sports people, educators, public safety professionals, and disabled people around the globe.