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Why Digital Crosshairs

Thinking about a night vision or thermal scope? 
None compare to glass optics in daylight. 

Get Digital Crosshairs and night vision hunt with your day scope


One device adds night vision to all your scoped rifles, pistols, and crossbows

  • Identify animals clearly at 100 to 200+ yards depending on scope
  • Mounts on your scope in less than a minute
  • Tight fit for reliable targeting
  • Instant on system, no warm-up required
  • No need to re-zero your scope
  • Handles even the heaviest recoil
  • 3 year warranty with great USA based customer service
  • Easy to use, just turn it on and hunt
  • Usable as stand-alone hand held night vision device
  • Optical zoom, not fuzzy digital zoom
  • Versatile mounting options for targeting display and illuminator
  • Protected investment - Upgradeable for advances in digital night vision technologies
  • Replaceable 6 hour battery for extended hunts
  • Real-time viewing, no delay even when targeting fast moving targets
  • Light weight; add about 30 oz. to your gun

13 reasons to get a Digital Crosshairs #nightvision clip-on instead of a night vision scope:
#Burris, #Tract, #Swarovski, #SIGSauer, #Nightforce, #Leica, #Minox, #Zeiss, #Vortex, #Trijicon, #Meopta, #Nikon, #Leupold or call 404-590-6513