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Digital Crosshairs Battery
Extra battery or battery replacement for Digital Crosshairs scope attachments. All models. Allow 2 to 3 weeks for shipping.
DeadShot FieldPod
Innovative cast-aluminum hub provides adjustable rotation and tilting Independently adjustable legs provide a height range of 20" to 42" Quickly collapses and folds for hassle-free transport and storage...
DC1000 Video Recorder
Digital Crosshairs DVRPro 100 HD DVR Fits Digital Crosshairs 800 and 1000 Add HD recording to any Digital Crosshairs night vision clip-on. Now you can record and playback right on your rail mounted LCD....
Weaver Barrel Mount Rail Adapter for Scope Flashlight
25.4mm 1" 30mm Ring 20mm Weaver Barrel Mount Rail Adapter Rail mount adapter for scope used to easily attach Digital Crosshairs display and illuminator to your gun. This is a standard tactical picatinny/weaver...
Red Screen Protector for DC1000 LCD
Red screen protector for DC1000 LCD. Just peel off paper backing and apply to your display to give it a red tint like the one in image above. Package includes: 4 red screen protectors
Tripod Rail Mount
Picatinny rail mount for camera tripod head. Use any sturdy camera tripod to mount your AR-15 or other weapon that has a side or bottom rail. This a head adapter for a tripod, tripod not included. Quickly...